David Moore


I have been writing since before the time I had anything of worth to say, in recent years have concluded it is my destiny to continue to do so.

I was born in Scotland in a West Coast town in the days when that part of the world had a fishing fleet which constituted a community.

My English parents moved the family to Leicester in the English Midlands. At the same time Idi Amin was turfing the Indian community out of Uganda. As a result of those two geographic upheavals I found myself a lonely white, Scottish refugee in a Sea of African Asian faces in an English City which didn’t much care for any of us.

My education was confusing and wholly unremarkable. I left school as an accomplished sporting student with little grasp of the fundamental building blocks required to construct a career. I charmed my way into the Leicestershire Constabulary, where after a couple of years I realised that charm was an attribute entirely not required by any British Policeman. In the late 1970’s early 1980’s, I left.

Not knowing quite what to do I joined the British Army, I had always thought it might be a way to discover what I was made of, I wasn’t wrong.

Twenty two years after serving her Majesty’s various Governments in locations too numerous to mention I departed from the colours. I learned a great deal during my service. Much of what I learned was by way of seeing how not to do things as opposed to being taught how to do them correctly in the first place. This process taught me to withhold credit from anybody due to their status, either in wealth, apparent education or physical prowess until they had proven their mettle to me personally, everyone is an idiot until they prove otherwise.

Since 2005 when I left the Military I have travelled extensively to many of the major conflict areas of the globe, from The Middle East, through Southern Asia and into the Continent of Africa.

Much of the writing here is influenced by those travels and the people I met along the way.

This page is to be continued……