After rain has come and gone

I sit a while beneath the tree,

the one my Father sat upon

Where once he may have thought of me.


Slowly, Sunbeams dry the bark

She weeps her raindrops, free to fall.

I stay there sometimes when its dark

To listen to wild natures call.


But always when I rise to go

once all the reminiscing’s done,

I’m clearer in the things I know

Of what is past and what may come.


Though under Skies as grey as Slate

dull days may shade my memory,

No darkened cloud could span so great

To dim my eyes of that one tree. 


Umbilical WiFi life

At the edge of land the day rises
the sun rides in on lazy waves
dripping its still wet rays to dewy earth

Shadows fill with definition
becoming animated they uncoil upright
between infinity and certain end
they meet

And there they mingle
each giving purpose to the other
a ceaseless cycle of un-touching friction

An umbilical wi-fi life