Guidelines strictly measured
stretched across the fresh dug earth,
row on row 
of where to grow
each calculated for their worth.

Tethered and twisted to unnatural climb,
to conform and deliver
in the meanest of time,
these things of great beauty crushed from the seed
all kept in a line by purposeful greed.

Happily reaching up to the scythe
joyful to give and to serve as they must,
sown by cruel masters who keep them alive
to feed off their bloom
then return them to dust.

© Wolfgar 2018

One thought on “Guidelines

  1. Hello David, I hope you’re well bud. Although I do understand what you are saying about how society is governing people to such an extent that ‘freedom of speech’ is now missing from this so called developed society, I am in favor of a certain amount of etiquette ‘present’ in the populous that understands that ‘not all’ people have the strength to counter ‘labels’ ‘accusations’ ‘presumptions’ and ‘outright falsehoods.’

    There is no doubt that people are in the main devoid of what was once termed democracy where people once did have the right to conscientiously challenge what ails or is downright unjust in society. We even had ‘Speakers Corner’ down in London where anyone with a particular slant or angle on life could vie for public opinion and confidence. All that has now gone! And people are very wary of how ‘the state’ can at will reduce a human, a family to scrounge and beg for basic standards of living.

    I have noted my own conundrums in this too. Where I have been the subject of so much abuse I have ended up often talking to myself just so those eavesdropping can understand the logic and thinking of a being who in essence knows all too well this system is wrong. And I hasten to add, there are those being subjected to inquiry by falsehoods stated just to impose surveillance where none is needed. Innocent people who are not allowed to counter any claims made. All of it David, is an indictment of how those who control seek to keep control and the lengths they will go to, to undermine those who do have a right to challenge and possess the strength. But as ever David, if a subject possesses the intelligence that can challenge then ‘mud sticks!’ And the lengths they will go to, to ensure such mud remains stuck to an intellectual are all too apparent.

    In a fair society, people would have the knowledge and nurtured understanding to practice caution when giving opinion whether true or not. And would also allow any with a grievance to give recourse should the statements made be wrong. But that, is idealism, something authority desperately tries to ridicule so that, should such practice be needed by those in power, then they can employ tactics that discredit. It is in essence a vast subject. The answer is simple, afford and award all with the common human decency to respect one anther. Unfortunately in a society where authority seeks only control, as ever, we will remain very much divided on such issues.

    I am all for freedom of speech, but it must be tempered by an acknowledgement of common human decency, where respect is first and foremost observed for all walks of life by all walks of life. Again, until we are removed from the insults that govern, it will not happen.

    Be well David. If you fancy a trip up Scotland and a Blended or Single Malt. Giz a shout.



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