Lost where I belong


While Starlings sketch the sky
you my love are gone
they fall and swoop to cloud my eye
and you my love are gone

The pier is thrashed by wave on wave
no pulsing swell will bring you home
unchained from hope yet still a slave
and slave to it alone

A thousand lovers pass me by
unnoticed in the throng
not one of them would e’re know why
I’m lost where I belong

3 thoughts on “Lost where I belong

  1. Love diving into your older poems. The rhythm here is taut. The slant rhymes gorgeous, and the refrain in the first stanza sets up the following beautifully. Besides that, clouds of starlings enchant us so, their instantaneous communication is miraculous (and subtly revisited in the final stanza I might add) – setting off the isolation of the rest of the poem. A joy to read.



    • Thanks Devon, people travel from far and wide to watch the Starlings swirl above Brighton Pier…I first witnessed the display when I was in the grip of a fledgling romance, returning I never fail to be reminded of how intoxicating it feels to be in love..the sadness in these lines is born of that memory. Thanks again Devon.

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