At Camden lock


I lay awake above the lock
where natures forces stall
and in its starlit mirrored top
there spied reflections of us all

The surface clear the faces proud
above the murk beneath the mask
this new purview all sight allowed
all laid before and all things past

Then with the dawn the sluices vent
my visions flow to wilder Seas
the moment passed my memories spent
and all the words I have are these

© Wolfgar 2019

3 thoughts on “At Camden lock

  1. David,

    This is a beautiful poem. In a way, it reminds me of “Lanterns”. With a single image, you capture a number of emotions and themes: the pretense of perfection in stalled nature, the overview allowing you to see clearly, the realization that the waters must be released and with it, dawn and the passage of time unhindered, wild.

    As is usual in your work, the rhythms and rhymes are unforced and measured precisely.



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