Seeds (within every seed there exists its own demise)


The shadowed trench half lit by a shredded moon slowly swallows the remains of men. What hasn’t been tossed to the rear vanishes in mud disappearing for decades, awaiting some distant spring.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere rats are eating something indefinable, elsewhere far behind the slaughter a stonemason crafts a memorial for an empty grave, his chisel the cruel liar to a hollow casket.

The draw of a cigarette reddens a pale face which glows but doesn’t live, cupped in a clawed hand the burning leaf warms a palm that will never cross a new born brow. Exhaled breathless smoke abandons hope with a sigh.

And yet from this desolation comes the future of men, in words and clay and from the colour of all things living, and love, from this black night comes love and light and wisdom from the learning. For in all things there are seeds that will not die.


What nourishes the dormant seed?

Nothing is permitted until the time of natures choosing. Lying in the coffined earth an expanse of life and time gestates, a burst of blooming summers restrained. The cycle of seasons waits patiently for its moment to crack the husk, to reveal itself to the beckoning light.

This then, like the recovery of men from war cannot be predicted or governed. For each man in his contradictory polarity tumbles through his inner space, oblivious to the balance he must attract that will repel him just enough to stabilise the falling. Equilibrium must exist in all things for all things to exist with meaning.

And then slowly reaching, forcing itself toward light and warmth, even the warmth of rain a shoot might break the ground. It will make a sound and hear a sound and know it is alive, other things will act on it and it on other things until there is recognition between them, a balance.

The nourishment can begin.


Before the desire for knowledge is ever realised there is the necessity for it, the need for basic exchanges between the building blocks of life. The tentacles of will to survive reach toward the Sun, this like a form of automated worship never requiring Priests or Pulpits.

Not a call to Prayer but a call to live, a call to live free from the corruptions of false Gods and false prophets, to live pure and clean under the one all powerful entity which gives life to every living thing, without prejudice.

Does this creator demand our obedience? Every embryonic tide releases echoes endlessly washing through all that lives. We take its power and turn it against itself, unknowingly recycling entropy like vengeful angels smashing altars with bolts of lightening. And so we burn our flightless imaginations and tether ourselves to conformity.

As the unrelenting power moves our planet ever onward it cares not whether things live or die, are good or bad, it promises nothing and asks nothing. This is the one true source of everything we know and it demands nothing because it is everything.

With what little power we have we emanate destruction.

We make spaces in the ground to lay our used up carcasses in, the earth takes us back. We are recyclable, ungrateful particles of ancient stars that no longer shed light, instead we rage with resentments only known by those who have forgotten where they came from, an unanchored chaos engulfing everything within its orbit.

Expanding ever outward

© Wolfgar 2019

2 thoughts on “Seeds (within every seed there exists its own demise)

  1. David,

    Such beauty in this “rambling”, as you call it. To me, this does not ramble. It follows its own unconstrained course with each element arriving at its due time. There are certain elements and themes within it that are reminiscent of Somerset-Maugham’s – Razor’s edge. A similar journey, I think. I have read this many times since you first posted this piece, and finally had some alone time to listen to your reading. Thank you for the audio accompaniment, it is always a joy to hear a poem read by they author.


    Liked by 2 people

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