5 thoughts on “Poppies and health and Taxi Driver/Joker stuff

  1. All the best to you as well. Thank you for this. On another note, never go to the doctor! Once you do, you’re dying. “Well the PBD’s look good, but ATFCI’s look a little skewed. So I’ll suck you in for another $500 in three weeks. Does that sound good? Yep, lose another day of wages so I can give you five minutes of my time. I’ll find some other numbers to make you worry for a few weeks until the nurse can call and say we need more bloodwork.” All joking aside, thank you for posting your thoughts on remembrance and a great read of a great poem.


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  2. Thanks Jonathan and Devon,

    Fortunately in the UK we still have the NHS, it is though under tremendous pressure these days. I did work for a couple of years for a large UK Pharma company traveling primarily in China and India, those couple of years gave me an understanding of the corporate power of Pharma companies and how it is rife with corruption. I worked in Patent Protection and can tell you there is a great deal of skulduggery and dark arts going on. Anyway I should get my blood results tomorrow and find out if anything is killing me currently.


  3. Thanks Ray, I’m looking for a way to progress this thing…whatever it is. Maybe the point is to simply carry on and that is the point, I feel things should have forward momentum though otherwise there seems little point.


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