When Nothing is news – News is nothing

White Phosphorus Barbecues
Burn Bone Deep against Azure Blues.
When Nothing is news

In the Belly of A Whale
Fester The Remnants of last January’s Sale.
When Nothing is news

In the back of A Truck
39 Futures come Unstuck.
When Nothing is news

In The Palaces of Kings
Likes and Tweets are Trumpeted by Thumbs and Pings.
When Nothing is news

In Civil Society
The Bar-Room Chatter is of Impropriety.
When Nothing is news

In A Students Room
The Book of Life Closes too Soon,
When Nothing is news.

In The Stairwells of High-Rises
Steel Blades Stab with no Surprises.
When Nothing is news

In The Unreachable Corners of A Mind
Rot The Don’t Give a Fucks of The Blissfully Blind.

When Nothing is news

© Wolfgar 2019

4 thoughts on “When Nothing is news – News is nothing

  1. This a very valid pointer to the saturation of ongoing calamities and how we become numb to them over time. The depressing regularity is like the clock of doom with its baleful sound. There are some clever references in punchy phrases, and the apparent negation of an impact with its blurring of definition of what news really is. Is it just a fix to make us feel exempted from horror? A drip feed of high rate sound blast at a continuous volume? Reference the Ipcress File ! Go in peace I say – have a nice day.

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    • I did write and post this prior to the most recent horrors which unfolded on London Bridge, the post event media frenzy has done little to alter my opinion regarding the value of News. Thanks Ray.


  2. I agree with the sentiments of this poem. About a month and a half back, I saw ESPN, a sports “news” network, completely bend over for China. All their pundits, from Bomani Jones to whoever-the-fuck, refused to mention anything about the human rights violations of the Chinese government. Jones, for example, told people to get off their “high horse” about China and the NBA. He’s a guy constantly harping on social injustice in America, but he doesn’t care about the millions of Muslims locked up in Chinese internment camps. Utterly disgusting.

    I wanted to be a journalist once. I think it’s the job of a journalist to care for humanity. Unfortunately, I think these “news” organizations hate people and care more about the dollar. And people often cite this as a perfectly fine excuse to cherry pick issues to talk about.


  3. Thanks w33nus. China plays a clever trick on those of us not watching its free hand. We cannot ignore that in recent decades no other Country has lifted more people out of poverty than China. China has been carefully moulded into a place which extols capitalist productivity but maintains a totalitarian grip on its people. Centuries of civil obedience and oppression is hard to shake off. Recently Hong Kong which had for 100 years escaped that particular grip has provided an example of what happens when oppressive influence is taken away and then to some extent re-introduced..anyone considering the desire of citizens regarding what regime should rule over them would do well to regard the people of Hong Kong now and contemplate their motivations. I have heard respected world economists excuse Chinese actions in respect of Human Rights and Private Freedoms, stating that we should permit some slack in our judgement. This to me simply highlights the love of money over people, of course they would suggest that from this economic growth freedoms will follow…mmmm, that doesn’t do much for those now suffering. The chances of a new Chinese revolution without a catastrophic blood bath are pretty slim, Chinese rulers rarely waver.

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