She’s a lot like you

Strenitz, Kathe, b.1923; Camden Town, Regent's Canal

Retreating along the fretboard
beneath a parapet of microphones she takes her shelter.

A single pigeon, She’s a lot like you,
She’s a lot like you.

Her silent language speaks of a landscape,
just hidden out of view.

And moving slowly she takes her pathways
as earthbound travellers do

But if you listen so very closely
you’ll feel her thoughts come through

She’s on the pavement beyond the railings
and she’s a lot like you.

©Wolfgar 2019

Inspired by Aldous Harding with gratitude to Sir Paul McCartney

2 thoughts on “She’s a lot like you

  1. This is the thing most like a lyric I have ever written I think (apart from the first line which is almost an introduction) I did initially attempt to sing this when recording it (to the tune of “Single Pigeon”) Unfortunately my voice is too weak to sing without accompaniment. I am fairly satisfied with it and although it doesn’t necessarily make coherent sense I think it conveys a feeling..which is enough for me. If I could create music I would be attempting to craft this into a tune.


  2. Hello David, I like it, I can identify with you wanting to leap into song to recite it. it does infer a lyric rather than prose. I kinda found it a lil disturbing being honest, as if a warning at the end. ‘She’s on the pavement, beyond the railings.’ I have thought of it as like a pathetic fallacy or analogy of human. For some reason from the outset that’s how i thought of it, (obviously) and that’s why I considered it a warning towards the end. What if, a lot like I, she is on the pavement, beyond the railings, broken, sorrowful, and drunk. Christmas is looming bud, it happens all too often at this time of year. I also thought it as abrupt, adding to my concern. A lil different for you. I don’t think of it as your best but at the same time, I like it. Nice one. You should set aside in CSS a guest poet page for your fellow poets to post a poem for your site. It could get bigger. Best wishes bud.


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