The smugglers tunnel


Bible black surrounds, wet walls and puddled floor
hunched with shoulders loaded full toward the seascape door.

Beneath the damp and smokey lanes that spiral through the town, 
the bloody aproned Butcher spies the Priest in priestly gown.

The gossips roam the stone lined streets between the ancient dwellings,
to breathe a swarm of whispers embellished with each telling.

But where the tunnel beckons toward the foamy sea,
the pebbled beach in solitude lays waiting just for me.

And I with burdened memories cast my secrets to the waves,
and pray they are forgotten like dead men in their graves.

© Wolfgar 2020


3 thoughts on “The smugglers tunnel

  1. David I was getting worried there for a mo as I thought you had lost a little of your shine. But the Smugglers Tunnel has allayed any fears. You’re all good bud.

    HNY BTW.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An enjoyable dark poem with a seasoning of Dylan Thomas in the characters (as in Bible black). The idea of using a tunnel for commercial ill gotten gains is soon overridden with symbolism of giving back to nature for release. Excellent !


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