Too much time to think (the terrors of your terror)


Too much time to think
too much time to reflect,
That is the accusation levelled.

Much better
is the reflex action,
To act before the thought

Much better
the trigger finger,
no weighing up of options.

Survive or die
and fuck the why,
“Yeah, Fuck the why”,

Staring at the faces of people
determining their origins,
just shoot and give them peace.

Whilst you’re thinking
their bullet flies,
So kill your compassion and kill the wise.

Survive to see the errors,
The Terrors
of your terror

Heritage is for other generations
not for our deadened hearts,
Hang your battered shields on victories wall.

Stone stairways of cities
are built on civilisations strata,
Cascading flood waters will drown the poor.

The Dome on the Rock
is built on a shit pile of lies
and no-one knows what it’s really for.

The monied man turns his nose away,
from the guts spilling on his streets,
his shit smells so much sweeter,

his shit comes from purer things,
Vegan menus
not Chicken Wings.

Poor men still eat meat
and use fossil fuel,
They watch soap but never use it.

Their opium
is spoon fed and free,
and War Lords watch Netflix on TV

The War Lords are heroes
in series 1, 2, and 3
their victims applaud on bended knee.

The roaches are drowning
in pools of vegan piss,
yet do we ask who paid for this?

The credits roll
the WiFi kicks in,
the proles are reconnected

they leave the theatres
and head to the bars,
to drink their fill.

You’ve too much time to think,
was the accusation levelled..
and now the muzzle warms the mouth

Lennon and the NRA?
just pull the trigger to save the day.
Go on do it, blow the fucking world away

© Wolfgar 2020

3 thoughts on “Too much time to think (the terrors of your terror)

  1. In the role of soldier lies personal sacrifice, which should bring satisfaction for a cause, but of course we know there is a dark side and too much knowledge is not planned for in the dedication process. Reflection is of the ultimate cost in personal terms, and the realisation that there is a whole underclass who have to cope with blanket decisions as to their fate, irrespective of individual or collective suffering. I know all this is obvious, but it is all I can bring to the table mate. A powerful sense of realism and bitter irony.


    • Thank you Ray. In all honesty I tried to write this in a fashion which did not refer overtly to my service as a soldier. I realise that those who know me or something of me may be influenced by that knowledge in ways which could detract from the metaphor. In retrospect maybe I was too optimistic that I could write about my personal experiences/opinions and think I could somehow shield myself. I have been told on more than a few occasions that I think too much, sometimes by people who genuinly worry about my mental health, sometimes by people who I have obviously bored to tears and too often by people who really have no concern for anyone else or circumstances which do not directly affect them. I am always bemused by those who would persuade others to think less. We are part of a system which promotes and encourages quick fixes and instant gratification, those who kick against it become the outsiders and the freaks…they cascade down the stone steps of cities to become the underclass. I doubt they will remain there forever. “History is just one fucking thing after another” after all.


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