Not for a wilderness of monkeys
would I trade the shade of this green lung

that from once congealed and filthy foul
have all good creatures come

the canopy cut reveals the scar
the knotted roots of what we are

so better in the shadowed land
are we that in our knowing stand

beneath the blessings gone before
that we might count if nothing more

© Wolfgar 2020

6 thoughts on “Plinth

  1. That’s very impressive. Wonderful words, juxtapositions of words, sounds, twists and turns. It’s nicely ambiguous and can mean so may dofferent things to the reader. To me it used the imagery of a tree, it’s growth, greeness, shade, giving hope and succour but reflecting what we are. It ends sadly with “if nothing else”. It’s a deeply profound evocative poem. Masterful.

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    • Thank you John, with so much going on around us at this moment in time its difficult to focus on one thing. I wanted to be ambiguous for the reader (although I have my own interpretation) I am more than pleased if others can find their own message. It is multi layered so I hope people can find interesting connections in there. Thanks again, very grateful for your visiting.


  2. Well said and well written David. It is amazing what we find on the forest floor once we cut through the canopy and let sunlight into the darkest corners of our comforts. A very timely and on point work. Thank you.


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