Getting a ship into a bottle is easier than getting a man out of one,

Trapped in a town,
In a house,
In a room,
In a mind,

Bobbing like a cork, a crows nest among the swell.
He see’s land then not, so puts his head back under for another shot.

The Sober Sextant defies blurred eyes,
Measuring fixed points of reality in liquid-like skies.

In the noise of the gale there’s the sound of a War
but the wind in the sail helps deaden its roar,

So it’s further and deeper out into the foam
his voice screaming madly the echo his home.

Until at its centre the voyage is done
and in the eye of the storm a battle is won.

© Wolfgar 2020

9 thoughts on “Bottled

  1. Fought a few battles of my own from inside–if only the bottle were so perfect a container as at sight it might seem. I hope you won’t mind me commenting on the background noise, but it’s somewhat sea-like and fits the theme, like the sound of relative calm after a storm.


  2. Thanks Rachel, my own use and abuse of the bottle has been prolonged and for multiple reasons…though none of them affording excuse, I would never seek justification for it maybe only motivations. I think many drink to drown out some other noise in their head and I attempted to reference my own type of noise, basically in trying to suppress one monster we do nothing more than create another. In doing so victory over the former often means succumbing to the later. Is there calm at the centre of a storm? There sometimes seems only one way to find out. Thanks for reading and your thoughts and comments.

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  3. Yes Rachel, having just re-listened to this on a decent set of I hear what you mean. I usually record in the dead of night as the air is still and much better for recording, unfortunately in the dead of night I am often incoherent, so you have to put up with the sounds of everyday mundanity. It does somehow work though….my street used to be quite, alas no more.

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  4. Social Distancing

    When you come to the
    end of your glass there’s
    nowhere else to go

    When you come
    to the end of your glass
    there’s nowhere else to go

    When you come
    to the end
    of your glass
    there’s nowhere else
    to go

    When you
    end else nowhere


    Wh n

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    • You know what, looking at this, the bottle might be a perfect container. I mean, if it doesn’t shut you up inside your own private world effectively enough, anyone in your company may
      invalidate your words as they choose by reason of your “condition”’s the perfect container, fer sher…


      • That is very true Rachel, thoughts and ideas are readily dismissed all too often by some who invalidate anything said (however thought through & considered) because all they see is the condition. Having issues with alcohol does not immediately negate any other part of your life or your thinking. Of course there is no refuting the damage drink can do mentally and phsically, but to write off a person without consideration is likely to only make their behaviour worse.


  5. A great analogy to draw, says so much about the state of mind of being contained in a maelstrom, and I got taken down in the timbers below , seafaring hell . I know you love the freedom of open seas, but this is another version. Terrific writing.

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