A flower now so open toward The Sun,
unshielded from harm in fleeting perfection

knows not the seed from which it was begun
nor fears the darkening skies that prophesy rejection.

We see that undue power in the faces of the young
who with momentary glory believe it is forever won,

then with that memory captured we hold it close a while
and like a bloom toward the Sun we raise our heads to smile.

© Wolfgar 2020

10 thoughts on “Perennial

    • Thanks Tom, I think I caught this one about right. My readings aren’t particularly dynamic, probably due to the subject matter much of the time…I am grateful that you take time to pass on your thoughts. Also thanks to the others for likes.


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      • Well, funny you should say that. I had some music playing while listening to your reading and I very nearly commented to ask if you’d ever put your readings/words to music before because the two gel really well. Were you ever in a band? Either way, you continue to be one of the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding writers I know, so thank you David. Always.


        • Hi Tom,
          Thanks for getting back. I never was in a band but that is what I remember wanting when I was younger. I used to go to lots of gigs and listen to music almost all the time, it was almost the only thing I cared about. I learned so much from listening to the ideas of others through their music and lyrics and found great direction to other creative outlets in literature and film. As I matured I expanded my tastes into Jazz and Classical music which inspires me hugely without the need for words. It always amazes me how some magnificent minds can inspire simply by creating a feeling without necessarily using words…that is what I would love to be able to do. Your words are really encouraging to me as I have always considered you to be progressive and thoughful in your own writing.

          Thanks so much Tom,


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          • Hi David, It sounds like a very familiar story to my own. Music has always got me excited about art and creating and lead into lots of other areas. Music (instrumental or with lyrics) is incredibly and profoundly powerful in its effect on people. Thanks for your kind words David, it means a lot. I always keep an eye out for whatever you’ve written, recorded or said. And I was very pleased to see you post a Bonnie Prince Billy track the other day, Will Oldham is quite an artist! 🙂 Cheers, Tom.

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  1. I keep coming back to this piece. It is probably because of its title – “Perennial”. It got me thinking that each Spring, new roots are spread – the opportunity to renew ourselves through our resilience. And yet we so often turn up our blooms to the sun as if we are finished and all that remains is the flower of youth (pardon the strained metaphor in this comment). The first flowers are vibrant and sturdy, that is certain, but after reading your piece, I spotted a few stalks of butterfly weed in the backyard, planted many years ago, that had managed to defy the grasses that have overtaken the space as if to say “FU, I am still here. This is my ground.” Some things surge with age, yes. What was once thought dead and gone cracks the soil in its time and turns its face to the sun and smiles. A lovely poem David, short and tight as usual. One that stays in the mind and resists age.



    • Hi Devon,

      You are spot on with your take on this, it pleases me greatly because that is really where I wanted to be looking. We so often find ourselves drawn to the renewal of hope by referencing the qualities of Spring, it stuck me as a little unfair for us Perennials and that we should stick up for ourselves and our worth. There is beauty in age and wisdom…even without wisdom there can be beauty..everything has something to teach us. We are still here it’s true, even when we are physically gone something of us must remain. Hope Springs Eternal….what a wonderful selection of three little words that is.

      Thanks Devon.

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  2. I’m prone to prejudice when it comes to metaphors and similes. I turn away from poems with rainbows and dolphins. I see flowers and excessive plant sexuality, designed to attract insects. To me they are functional (occasionally one delights me, usually it’s wild). But you’re right, a flower is like the upturned face of someone young. And the almost inevitable dashing of dreams is like the inevitable wilting of a flower. The poem has a simple message, nicely put.


  3. I agree John, flowers and metaphors linked with nature can be tiresome on occasion..all those petals and blooms opening up to wordy penetration eh! I tried to veer away from that with this one. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.



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