5 thoughts on “A place called home

  1. Well there you go.

    A very brief but, beautiful piece of prose. Many, think along the same but, I have never known it quite articulated so succinctly and, the brevity makes it stand out so much more.

    I wish too, a home for me and my family but, these days I fear my home where best to mend be six feet down. More and more it seems so appealing.

    Brilliant David.

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  2. Thank you Mike and Ray,

    My life has changed many times and often in the most unexpected and unusual of circumstances. Now I am a little older I have relaxed into the fact that everything changes and it is simply a matter of time, patience and allowing things to unfold. That is not to say that we should not be positive actors in all our possible futures.



  3. Thinking about “home”, I suppose it feels like “us”. But with time us have dispersed, and I feel my “home” is a appendage to others’ homes. I’m no longer at the centre and there is no coherent “us”. That’s not sad, it’s life. It has to be.


    • I can identify completely with that comment John, home is a feeling to be honest…a sense of belonging that people or places can evoke. I have not been writing much at all lately, primarily as my life has become more engaged with others. That said the process is providing much in the way of ideas and future pondering. I still indulge myself in the daydreams of creative writing but have not been recording much of those thoughts recently, no doubt at some point I will begin to harvest them again.


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