So this the welcome comfy chair

the one dismissed without a care

when I was once one who was there

to stand among the battles glare


Yet now am girdled by my years

flooded deep in bloody tears

too old to care for what is fear

I reach toward my end that’s near


For I have borne fine Children too

and shown them not the things I do

but bid them raise their better lives

that peace be seen through brighter eyes


2 thoughts on “Evensong

  1. it is destroying David. To finally realize the same ole same no matter all the sacrifice before. we will never have the World we dream………………only……………a maddening carousel that will never end.

    All best effort, nothing more than sadistic, television.

    I feel it too.

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  2. Mate, in recent days I have had to retreat into my space and just crawl away. It honestly breaks my heart to see men tearing the world apart and the suffering it causes…for no reason other than greed and hate and insecurity. I feel the world closing in!


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