You never see the miracle that saves you


Quietly and without attention nature turns
pushing itself toward sunlight from the darkest places

From the root to the flower each day a perfect miracle
yet not one that could make a Saint

but an every-day-taken-for-granted-kind-of miracle
trod down by those too busy in their moment

If time should halt Gaia would not pay heed
stepping past the unmarked days she would instinctively proceed,

In our stillness will we hear life louder or feel it stronger,
Might its never changing resonance change us?

Beyond this hectic place far from artificial light
The world beckons us out of silence.

Should we emerge unchanged our eyes still blind
Or might we be freed by a miracle we’ve missed?

© Wolfgar 2020

5 thoughts on “You never see the miracle that saves you

  1. I love this stanza:

    “From the root to the flower each day a perfect miracle
    yet not one that could make a Saint”

    Praise be the little things that have have slipped below our eyes, always beckoning skyward for grace.

    Wonderful poem, David



    • Thanks Devon,

      In the line you specifically mention I was hoping to convey sense of true miracle as opposed to those qualified by men whose only purpose seems to be the glorification of other men. It is controversial for an atheist like me to use terms like miracle, sin and to make references to God when they are concepts which I reject…that said they are useful ideas which make life much more interesting.



      • Heard that. Those lines definitely carry your intended purpose, particularly in your choice of a lower case “m” and the upper case “S”, a devise that quite frankly, made me smile. Devilish little details!



  2. David, you have been there now and yes, one does sense a certain reflection that doesn’t state your often skeptical or frustrations of anger. Your work is always good and yes, quite cynical and very much needed. But this piece hints of a wisdom, a sense of……………..’we may do better if given chance to stillness for a while.’
    a moment of reflection. a moment of reflection where Gaia pays decent attention. Nice one.

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