The Forest at Night

The Forest at Night

Through the glade there shines a light
in shafts of fiery flare
and none who come to shelter
will find much solace there

The shaded track and hollow
are beacons to the few
who lead where others follow
to rest on natures pew

Yet when the fallen spearheads dull
and silver black returns
there settles in a peaceful lull
for which the Spirit yearns

No sound of voice or foot befalls
the blanket laid so fine
I walk the path that gently calls
to where the forest’s mine

© Wolfgar 2020

5 thoughts on “The Forest at Night

  1. David, you are a kindred, without doubt. I hear your sentiments about your own solace and quiet inquisition and yeah, we could all be guilty of such selfish inquiry but in this day and age, IT NEEDS BE DONE. I admire how you found a spot seldom visited that in actual fact, does matter. I remember on a Jungle Patrol in Central American that, nearest civilization was some 60 miles away, and I was kindly glad, and felt privileged to be given such trust. It matters more, when human is inconsequential, and at mercy of that, or those, we do actually love, but are kept away from………….NATURE.

    The poem itself works for me. Sometimes I think you are doing yourself out of deeper self understanding and personal expression in rhyming couplets yet, in your works, they always ‘work.’

    It would be interesting to see if the gift you possess of prose rather than poetry can come and say hello.

    You are more than capable.

    great work dude.

    love ya bro. stay cool. stay good, stay safe.


    • Hi Mike,

      As ever thanks for passing by and sharing your thoughts and encouragement.

      I recognise your own suffering in respect of being kept from those you love, as you know I have often placed myself in such situations but only ever once had it forced upon me. It is in those times of solitude that if we wish to we can find something else to sustain us, maybe something we have taken for granted or never given thought to…it is those places where I now find peace, peace or strength or both maybe.

      I hear what you speak about the limitations of rhyme, I wouldn’t say it robs me of understanding (as I could colour it in finer detail if I felt so inclined) I would say it may deprive the reader of a more colourful canvas which then might in turn lose some clarity in message and impact. When I am in the kind of place where this poem came together the world seems simple to me, it only needs simple words used with brevity to convey the silence and peace I feel. I would liken it to the kind of clarity of expression in mood that a black and white photograph occasionally conveys as opposed to a busy intrusive blast of overpowering colour.

      When the world is tranquil and simple I feel it can be described similarly. I do write prose and I enjoy it but often I feel like I’m just poncing about with words instead of getting to the crux of what I want to say, of course sometimes the building blocks are worth it and the pay off succeeds. I have no doubt I will scribble prose in the near future.

      I read Betjamen fairly regularly and his work to me is beautifully simple and honest…he was accused of Doggerel and many sniffed at his style but they couldn’t do what he did. Not that I am any JB lol, although I am familiar with some of his haunts living where I do now.

      I listened to your latest “Final warning” and enjoyed it very much, especially when played loud.

      All the best pal, and thanks again…peace out!



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